About us

Welcome to Still Waters Apparel. I love searching the scriptures for uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring Bible verses. What a great way to encourage one another. Wear it on your shirt for all to see. This is what started Still Waters Apparel. This company is a little bit of my heart coming out on a shirt.

I have an amazing group of Godly women that I consider some of my very best friends. These women encourage me through all walks of my life. I love to get on facebook messanger throughout the day and talk to them.  Some days we tell silly stories that our kids or husbands are doing. Some days we tell of our fears or worries. Some days we get into deep biblical conversations. Very often it is something that we thought about during our bible studies. But, I know they are always there when I need prayers or uplifting. The shirt "Be Still and Know" started it all. As a busy mom, I am constantly on the go! I find myself sometimes too busy to spend time with the Lord which is awful. I had to remind myself to "BE STILL" first of all and then to know that He is God! I wanted to put it on a shirt to remind myself. And then when I started thinking of starting a business, I went to my group of friends for suggestions and that is how the name "Still Waters Apparel" began. These are the women you see on this website.  We are real women that love the Lord and love encouraging one another. They are some of my biggest cheerleaders. They helped me to have the confidence to do this new business!

The world can be so discouraging and negative at times. We have to make a difference in this life. Even if it means to wear an encouraging shirt or perhaps wearing the "I love Jesus and Tacos" shirt and making someone smile- You can make a difference. You can stand out. You can change the world. You can bring others to Christ!

I hope you love these shirts. I pray that you throw it on with your favorite pair of jeans and inspire the world to know the Lord or perhaps give them a laugh.  This is what life is all about, ya'll!

Thank you for visiting.